Top 5 educational attractions in Boston

Posted 18 May 2016
Merrimack Pre-Masters Program in Boston

Boston is a city that is known for its rich history and value for education throughout its 380 years of existence. Here are our top five recommendations for education tourism attractions in Boston that you can explore during your studies at Merrimack.


1. Public Library

Boston’s beautiful public library is not just a place to find a great read, but also a homage to education. The first large lending library in America, it was built in 1848 as a ‘palace for the people’, bringing education and knowledge to the general population. It has a great selection of books, including a collection which once belonged to the second President of the United States, John Adams.

2. The Coit Observatory

In reality, there are dozens of excellent educational museums and exhibits, so if astronomy is not your thing – there are plenty of other options! However, a well-loved favorite amongst Bostonians and visitors alike is the Coit Observatory at Boston University, where you can participate in a public astronomy session every evening (7:30pm in winter, 8:30pm in summer. Book your spot ahead!)

3. MIT Museum

One of the most exciting educational institutions in Boston is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with its world renowned reputation for brilliance in the field of science and technology. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a hacker, or just want to see one of the world’s most prestigious universities, it’s well worth a visit to the campus. You can do a self-guided tour, or join a guided one, although they tend to be aimed at prospective students. You can also drop by the MIT Museum to see a number of exhibits, including the world’s largest hologram collection.

4. The Freedom Trail

Arguably the best way to learn about Boston’s intriguing and important history is through the Freedom Trail. This walking tour can be done either with a guide, or independently, as it's easy to follow red brick line leading the way. As you follow it, you will see 16 of the most important historical attractions in Boston, including the Robert Shaw Memorial and the beautiful Old State House.

5. Harvard University

Established in 1636, Harvard has a proud history that includes educating 7 presidents, such as current President Barack Obama. You can either take a self guided tour, or try one of the many tour companies offering everything from the super serious to a light hearted look guided by current students.